Handling Public Holiday Surcharges

As we are fast approaching our first public holiday of the year – Australia Day – those of you that are open may opt to apply a surcharge to your whole menu for the day.

Here is a guide on how to create the rule ahead of time to minimise any stress on the day.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 9.30.03 pm.png

Price list is only available to anyone on the MANAGED or EXTEND PLAN.


First you must head to the Price List configuration page

  1. Go to Site
  2. Select Site Pricing or Pricing



Creating new Price Lists is simple! Follow these steps

  1. Go to a specific Site that has Price Lists enabled
  2. Select Pricing from the horizontal menu
  3. Tap Create New Price List
  4. Give the price list a name
  5. Find the product/s you want to apply a price change to
  6. Type in the new price into the Price field (note we show you the Company Price as a reference point)
  7. As you click away from a field it will automatically save



One of the nicest things about the Price List feature is the ability to trigger price changes in your site/s without needing to do it manually.

Let’s use an example of a bar that runs Happy Hour pricing. Once they have created their Happy Hour price list, they can setup Rules about when this will automatically take affect.

Rules have a Day, From Time and To Time that dictate when they in affect, once outside that time
the Site automatically switches back to the Standard Price List

Configuring rules is simple:

  1. Tap Add New Rule 
  2. Set a Day  
  3. Set a From Time (when it should start!)
  4. Set a To Time(when it should finish!)
  5. Select the Pricelist to change to
  6. Tap Save & Apply

As you can see it’s quick and easy to setup and is a great way to manage what prices
you use at what times.


PLEASE NOTE: Price list rules will need to be removed within 7 days for public holidays.

I.e. For Australia Day on a Friday, the rule will need to be deactivated by the following Thursday or else pricing the following Friday will again automatically have the public holiday surcharge applied. For a guide on how to do that, please click here.