Thermal paper shortage & price increases


Over the last 6 months, there has been a steady price increase in the thermal paper industry of over 50%. This increase is expected to continue well into 2018 as the future of supply is still uncertain. Consequently, as of next week, we are forced to pass this price increase onto our customers.

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This is due to a shortage in one of the components necessary for its manufacture. The factory in China called Connect Chemical which provided the majority of the world’s supply of leuco dye used in producing thermal paper has been closed down due to environmental concerns.

Now is the perfect time to consider a digital, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to paper dockets.

Bump-it is the leading kitchen display platform (also known as a bump screen) in the hospitality industry. Getting started is easy with a free 2 week trial on any iOS or Android device. Not only will it allow you to go paperless, it will exponentially expand the functionality of your docket rail.

The financial savings will also soon add up. Thermal paper prices will increase from an average of $52 to $60 per box due to the shortage. Bump-it subscriptions start from $35 per month inc. GST.

Some great articles regarding Connect Chemicals.

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